Amanda Eagleston
I have been going to Elisa for a few months now, and I am completely impressed with how quick and efficient she is. Her services are well worth every dollar spent - I am noticing a HUGE difference within this short period of time. I highly recommend Elisa!!!!
Stephanie D
Elissa has truly changed my life. I had excessive facial hair growth from PCOS and she has been amazing taking me throw the process to permanently remedy this. The progress I’ve seen in just 6 treatment is amazing. The pain is minimal and the healing process has been simple. She is kind, compassionate and is truly an expert in what she does. I wish I could give 100 stars. Truly amazing work and life changing. I had tried laser hair removal, plucking and pulling, waxing, anything you can think of. Electrolysis is the only thing that has worked and has boosted my self confidence and let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. For those who have felt like there is no hope, there is! Hang in there.
Conrado Duarte
The soft touch electrolysis was fantastic, my skin felt so good and looks amazing. I notice the difference a couple of weeks after the facial. Harissa was fantastic very knowledgeable and professional. I would definitely recommend this place and that will become my go to for facials. Thank you Harissa.
Molya Lamoda
Sina is sooo goood! I highly recommend this place. She is very sweet, professional, highly knowledgable. I have been to many professionals in different countries, and she is the best!
Lia Rolyat
Elissa and Soft Touch Electrolysis completely changed my life. I started seeing Elissa with a very severe case of hirsutism - I had thick, coarse, dark hairs along my entire chin and neck. Elissa has worked diligently with me for the last 1+ year, and my hair is almost completely gone. The ones that remain are significantly lighter, thinner, and barely noticeable. I’ve gained so much more confidence because of this. I never thought I could overcome this, but Elissa stuck by me and committed to working with me until the job was done. Also the price couldn’t be more fair for the unbelievable quality of service. Thank you so much Elissa and the team at Soft Touch Electrolysis! I am so grateful!
Ann Varghese
This was the best decision I ever made. Soft Touch changed my life for good. I have been working with Elissa for over a year and the results are unbelievable. She is so passionate and extremely skilled. Highly Recommended!
Amber Decoff
Elissa is AMAZING and absolutely changed my life. I came to Elissa once a week in 2013, about once a month to every 6 weeks in 2014, twice in 2015 and it looks like it will only be once in 2016! Can you imagine that progress?! I went from paranoia and self consciousness about the pesky hairs that plagued me to being completely set free. The only bummer about such successful treatments is that I don't get to see Elissa all the time! If you are in need of electrolysis, Elissa is your gal.